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Our Fellow Vendors

It is so important you and your wedding party are comfortable with the vendors you choose! You are of course free to work with whoever you choose, but here are some pretty awesome people we have worked with before who share our values and believe love is love!

Makeup Brushes


Glam On Demand

Glam On Demand has several artists to work with and can accommodate large wedding parties! They are not only talented, but efficient, and enjoyable to be around! This is a team that you can't go wrong with.

<---- Click on picture to view website


Casey Contours Makeup & Esthetics

Casey is a phenomenal makeup artist and esthetician! We have tag-teamed many special events and weddings together and work seamlessly together to create dynamic bridal and wedding party looks. 

laurenk caseym2.jpg

Click on picture to view website ---->


Coming soon....

Coming Soon....


Tryst Florist

Coming soon...

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